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pcl::recognition Namespace Reference




class  HoughSpace3D
 HoughSpace3D is a 3D voting space. More...
class  BVH
 This class is an implementation of bounding volume hierarchies. More...
class  HypothesisBase
class  Hypothesis
class  ModelLibrary
class  ObjRecRANSAC
 This is a RANSAC-based 3D object recognition method. More...
class  ORRGraph
class  ORROctree
 That's a very specialized and simple octree class. More...
class  ORROctreeZProjection
class  RotationSpaceCell
class  RotationSpaceCellCreator
class  RotationSpace
 This is a class for a discrete representation of the rotation space based on the axis-angle representation. More...
class  RotationSpaceCreator
class  RigidTransformSpace
class  SimpleOctree
class  TrimmedICP
class  VoxelStructure
 This class is a box in R3 built of voxels ordered in a regular rectangular grid. More...


using CellOctree = SimpleOctree< RotationSpaceCell, RotationSpaceCellCreator, float >
using RotationSpaceOctree = SimpleOctree< RotationSpace, RotationSpaceCreator, float >

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◆ CellOctree

Definition at line 185 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

◆ RotationSpaceOctree

Definition at line 335 of file rigid_transform_space.h.