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pcl::recognition::RotationSpace Class Reference

This is a class for a discrete representation of the rotation space based on the axis-angle representation. More...

#include <pcl/recognition/ransac_based/rigid_transform_space.h>

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Public Member Functions

 RotationSpace (float discretization)
 We use the axis-angle representation for rotations. More...
virtual ~RotationSpace ()
void setCenter (const float *c)
const float * getCenter () const
bool getTransformWithMostVotes (const ModelLibrary::Model *model, float rigid_transform[12]) const
bool addRigidTransform (const ModelLibrary::Model *model, const float axis_angle[3], const float translation[3])

Protected Attributes

CellOctree octree_
RotationSpaceCellCreator cell_creator_
float center_ [3]

Detailed Description

This is a class for a discrete representation of the rotation space based on the axis-angle representation.

This class is not supposed to be very general. That's why it is dependent on the class ModelLibrary.

Chavdar Papazov

Definition at line 193 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RotationSpace()

pcl::recognition::RotationSpace::RotationSpace ( float  discretization)

We use the axis-angle representation for rotations.

The axis is encoded in the vector and the angle is its magnitude. This is represented in an octree with bounds [-pi, pi]^3.

Definition at line 198 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

◆ ~RotationSpace()

virtual pcl::recognition::RotationSpace::~RotationSpace ( )

Definition at line 207 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ addRigidTransform()

bool pcl::recognition::RotationSpace::addRigidTransform ( const ModelLibrary::Model model,
const float  axis_angle[3],
const float  translation[3] 

Definition at line 267 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

◆ getCenter()

const float* pcl::recognition::RotationSpace::getCenter ( ) const

Definition at line 221 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

◆ getTransformWithMostVotes()

bool pcl::recognition::RotationSpace::getTransformWithMostVotes ( const ModelLibrary::Model model,
float  rigid_transform[12] 
) const

◆ setCenter()

void pcl::recognition::RotationSpace::setCenter ( const float *  c)

Definition at line 213 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ cell_creator_

RotationSpaceCellCreator pcl::recognition::RotationSpace::cell_creator_

Definition at line 288 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

◆ center_

float pcl::recognition::RotationSpace::center_[3]

Definition at line 289 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

◆ octree_

CellOctree pcl::recognition::RotationSpace::octree_

Definition at line 287 of file rigid_transform_space.h.

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