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pcl::texture_mapping::Camera Struct Reference

Structure to store camera pose and focal length. More...

#include <pcl/surface/texture_mapping.h>

Public Member Functions

 Camera ()=default

Public Attributes

Eigen::Affine3f pose
double focal_length {0.0}
double focal_length_w {-1.0}
double focal_length_h {-1.0}
double center_w {-1.0}
double center_h {-1.0}
double height {0.0}
double width {0.0}
std::string texture_file

Detailed Description

Structure to store camera pose and focal length.

One can assign a value to focal_length, to be used along both camera axes or, optionally, axis-specific values (focal_length_w and focal_length_h). Optionally, one can also specify center-of-focus using parameters center_w and center_h. If the center-of-focus is not specified, it will be set to the geometric center of the camera, as defined by the width and height parameters.

Definition at line 65 of file texture_mapping.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Camera()

pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::Camera ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ center_h

double pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::center_h {-1.0}

◆ center_w

double pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::center_w {-1.0}

◆ focal_length

double pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::focal_length {0.0}

◆ focal_length_h

double pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::focal_length_h {-1.0}

◆ focal_length_w

double pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::focal_length_w {-1.0}

◆ height

double pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::height {0.0}

◆ pose

Eigen::Affine3f pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::pose

◆ texture_file

std::string pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::texture_file

◆ width

double pcl::texture_mapping::Camera::width {0.0}

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