Point Cloud Library (PCL)  1.14.1-dev
1 #pragma once
3 #include <pcl/filters/passthrough.h>
4 #include <pcl/filters/voxel_grid.h>
5 #include <pcl/filters/radius_outlier_removal.h>
7 #include "typedefs.h"
9 /* Use a PassThrough filter to remove points with depth values that are too large or too small */
10 PointCloudPtr
11 thresholdDepth (const PointCloudPtr & input, float min_depth, float max_depth)
12 {
13  pcl::PassThrough<PointT> pass_through;
14  pass_through.setInputCloud (input);
15  pass_through.setFilterFieldName ("z");
16  pass_through.setFilterLimits (min_depth, max_depth);
17  PointCloudPtr thresholded (new PointCloud);
18  pass_through.filter (*thresholded);
20  return (thresholded);
21 }
23 /* Use a VoxelGrid filter to reduce the number of points */
24 PointCloudPtr
25 downsample (const PointCloudPtr & input, float leaf_size)
26 {
27  pcl::VoxelGrid<PointT> voxel_grid;
28  voxel_grid.setInputCloud (input);
29  voxel_grid.setLeafSize (leaf_size, leaf_size, leaf_size);
30  PointCloudPtr downsampled (new PointCloud);
31  voxel_grid.filter (*downsampled);
33  return (downsampled);
34 }
36 /* Use a RadiusOutlierRemoval filter to remove all points with too few local neighbors */
37 PointCloudPtr
38 removeOutliers (const PointCloudPtr & input, float radius, int min_neighbors)
39 {
40  pcl::RadiusOutlierRemoval<pcl::PointXYZRGB> radius_outlier_removal;
41  radius_outlier_removal.setInputCloud (input);
42  radius_outlier_removal.setRadiusSearch (radius);
43  radius_outlier_removal.setMinNeighborsInRadius (min_neighbors);
44  PointCloudPtr inliers (new PointCloud);
45  radius_outlier_removal.filter (*inliers);
47  return (inliers);
48 }
50 /* Apply a series of filters (threshold depth, downsample, and remove outliers) */
51 PointCloudPtr
52 applyFilters (const PointCloudPtr & input, float min_depth, float max_depth, float leaf_size, float radius,
53  float min_neighbors)
54 {
55  PointCloudPtr filtered;
56  filtered = thresholdDepth (input, min_depth, max_depth);
57  filtered = downsample (filtered, leaf_size);
58  filtered = removeOutliers (filtered, radius, min_neighbors);
60  return (filtered);
61 }
void filter(PointCloud &output)
Calls the filtering method and returns the filtered dataset in output.
Definition: filter.h:121
void filter(Indices &indices)
Calls the filtering method and returns the filtered point cloud indices.
virtual void setInputCloud(const PointCloudConstPtr &cloud)
Provide a pointer to the input dataset.
Definition: pcl_base.hpp:65
PassThrough passes points in a cloud based on constraints for one particular field of the point type.
Definition: passthrough.h:82
void setFilterFieldName(const std::string &field_name)
Provide the name of the field to be used for filtering data.
Definition: passthrough.h:112
void setFilterLimits(const float &limit_min, const float &limit_max)
Set the numerical limits for the field for filtering data.
Definition: passthrough.h:132
PointCloud represents the base class in PCL for storing collections of 3D points.
Definition: point_cloud.h:173
RadiusOutlierRemoval filters points in a cloud based on the number of neighbors they have.
void setMinNeighborsInRadius(int min_pts)
Set the number of neighbors that need to be present in order to be classified as an inlier.
void setRadiusSearch(double radius)
Set the radius of the sphere that will determine which points are neighbors.
VoxelGrid assembles a local 3D grid over a given PointCloud, and downsamples + filters the data.
Definition: voxel_grid.h:210
void setLeafSize(const Eigen::Vector4f &leaf_size)
Set the voxel grid leaf size.
Definition: voxel_grid.h:247