Point Cloud Library (PCL)  1.14.0-dev
Module search

Detailed Description


The pcl_search library provides methods for searching for nearest neighbors using different data structures, including:



class  pcl::search::BruteForce< PointT >
 Implementation of a simple brute force search algorithm. More...
class  pcl::search::FlannSearch< PointT, FlannDistance >
 search::FlannSearch is a generic FLANN wrapper class for the new search interface. More...
class  pcl::search::KdTree< PointT, Tree >
 search::KdTree is a wrapper class which inherits the pcl::KdTree class for performing search functions using KdTree structure. More...
class  pcl::search::Octree< PointT, LeafTWrap, BranchTWrap, OctreeT >
 search::Octree is a wrapper class which implements nearest neighbor search operations based on the pcl::octree::Octree structure. More...
class  pcl::search::OrganizedNeighbor< PointT >
 OrganizedNeighbor is a class for optimized nearest neighbor search in organized projectable point clouds, for instance from Time-Of-Flight cameras or stereo cameras. More...
class  pcl::search::Search< PointT >
 Generic search class. More...