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pcl::PairwisePotential Class Reference

#include <pcl/ml/pairwise_potential.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PairwisePotential (const std::vector< float > &feature, const int D, const int N, const float w)
 Constructor for PairwisePotential class. More...
 ~PairwisePotential ()=default
 Deconstructor for PairwisePotential class. More...
void compute (std::vector< float > &out, const std::vector< float > &in, std::vector< float > &tmp, int value_size) const

Public Attributes

std::vector< float > bary_
std::vector< float > features_

Protected Attributes

Permutohedral lattice_
 Permutohedral lattice. More...
int N_
 Number of variables. More...
float w_
 Weight. More...
std::vector< float > norm_
 Norm. More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 48 of file pairwise_potential.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PairwisePotential()

pcl::PairwisePotential::PairwisePotential ( const std::vector< float > &  feature,
const int  D,
const int  N,
const float  w 

Constructor for PairwisePotential class.

◆ ~PairwisePotential()

pcl::PairwisePotential::~PairwisePotential ( )

Deconstructor for PairwisePotential class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ compute()

void pcl::PairwisePotential::compute ( std::vector< float > &  out,
const std::vector< float > &  in,
std::vector< float > &  tmp,
int  value_size 
) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ bary_

std::vector<float> pcl::PairwisePotential::bary_

Definition at line 79 of file pairwise_potential.h.

◆ features_

std::vector<float> pcl::PairwisePotential::features_

Definition at line 80 of file pairwise_potential.h.

◆ lattice_

Permutohedral pcl::PairwisePotential::lattice_

Permutohedral lattice.

Definition at line 67 of file pairwise_potential.h.

◆ N_

int pcl::PairwisePotential::N_

Number of variables.

Definition at line 70 of file pairwise_potential.h.

◆ norm_

std::vector<float> pcl::PairwisePotential::norm_


Definition at line 76 of file pairwise_potential.h.

◆ w_

float pcl::PairwisePotential::w_


Definition at line 73 of file pairwise_potential.h.

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