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pcl::AdaptiveRangeCoder Class Reference

AdaptiveRangeCoder compression class More...

#include <pcl/compression/entropy_range_coder.h>

Public Member Functions

 AdaptiveRangeCoder ()=default
 Empty constructor. More...
virtual ~AdaptiveRangeCoder ()=default
 Empty deconstructor. More...
unsigned long encodeCharVectorToStream (const std::vector< char > &inputByteVector_arg, std::ostream &outputByteStream_arg)
 Encode char vector to output stream. More...
unsigned long decodeStreamToCharVector (std::istream &inputByteStream_arg, std::vector< char > &outputByteVector_arg)
 Decode char stream to output vector. More...

Protected Types

using DWord = std::uint32_t

Detailed Description

AdaptiveRangeCoder compression class

This class provides adaptive range coding functionality.
Its symbol probability/frequency table is adaptively updated during encoding
Julius Kammerl (juliu.nosp@m.s@ka.nosp@m.mmerl.nosp@m..de)

Definition at line 65 of file entropy_range_coder.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ DWord

using pcl::AdaptiveRangeCoder::DWord = std::uint32_t

Definition at line 94 of file entropy_range_coder.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AdaptiveRangeCoder()

pcl::AdaptiveRangeCoder::AdaptiveRangeCoder ( )

Empty constructor.

◆ ~AdaptiveRangeCoder()

virtual pcl::AdaptiveRangeCoder::~AdaptiveRangeCoder ( )

Empty deconstructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ decodeStreamToCharVector()

unsigned long pcl::AdaptiveRangeCoder::decodeStreamToCharVector ( std::istream &  inputByteStream_arg,
std::vector< char > &  outputByteVector_arg 

Decode char stream to output vector.

inputByteStream_arginput stream of compressed data
outputByteVector_argdecompressed output vector
amount of bytes read from input stream

Definition at line 129 of file entropy_range_coder.hpp.

◆ encodeCharVectorToStream()

unsigned long pcl::AdaptiveRangeCoder::encodeCharVectorToStream ( const std::vector< char > &  inputByteVector_arg,
std::ostream &  outputByteStream_arg 

Encode char vector to output stream.

inputByteVector_arginput vector
outputByteStream_argoutput stream containing compressed data
amount of bytes written to output stream

Definition at line 51 of file entropy_range_coder.hpp.

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