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NCVVectorAlloc< T > Class Template Reference

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#include </__w/1/s/gpu/people/src/cuda/nvidia/NCV.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 NCVVectorAlloc (INCVMemAllocator &allocator, Ncv32u length)
 ~NCVVectorAlloc ()
NcvBool isMemAllocated () const
Ncv32u getAllocatorsAlignment () const
NCVMemSegment getSegment () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from NCVVector< T >
 NCVVector ()
void clear ()
NCVStatus copySolid (NCVVector< T > &dst, cudaStream_t cuStream, std::size_t howMuch=0) const
T * ptr () const
std::size_t length () const
NCVMemoryType memType () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from NCVVector< T >
T * _ptr
std::size_t _length
NCVMemoryType _memtype

Detailed Description

template<class T>
class NCVVectorAlloc< T >


Definition at line 565 of file NCV.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ NCVVectorAlloc()

template<class T >
NCVVectorAlloc< T >::NCVVectorAlloc ( INCVMemAllocator allocator,
Ncv32u  length 

◆ ~NCVVectorAlloc()

template<class T >
NCVVectorAlloc< T >::~NCVVectorAlloc ( )

Definition at line 590 of file NCV.hpp.

References NCVVector< T >::clear(), and INCVMemAllocator::dealloc().

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAllocatorsAlignment()

template<class T >
Ncv32u NCVVectorAlloc< T >::getAllocatorsAlignment ( ) const

Definition at line 605 of file NCV.hpp.

References INCVMemAllocator::alignment().

◆ getSegment()

template<class T >
NCVMemSegment NCVVectorAlloc< T >::getSegment ( ) const

Definition at line 610 of file NCV.hpp.

◆ isMemAllocated()

template<class T >
NcvBool NCVVectorAlloc< T >::isMemAllocated ( ) const

Definition at line 600 of file NCV.hpp.

References NCVMemSegment::begin, INCVMemAllocator::isCounting(), and NCVMemPtr::ptr.

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