Point Cloud Library (PCL)  1.14.1-dev
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pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::ColorVolume Class Reference

ColorVolume class. More...

#include </__w/1/s/gpu/kinfu_large_scale/include/pcl/gpu/kinfu_large_scale/color_volume.h>

Public Types

using PointType = PointXYZ
using Ptr = shared_ptr< ColorVolume >
using ConstPtr = shared_ptr< const ColorVolume >

Public Member Functions

 ColorVolume (const TsdfVolume &tsdf, int max_weight=-1)
 Constructor. More...
void reset ()
 Resets color volume to uninitialized state. More...
int getMaxWeight () const
 Returns running average length. More...
DeviceArray2D< int > data () const
 Returns container with color volume in GPU memory. More...
void fetchColors (const DeviceArray< PointType > &cloud, DeviceArray< RGB > &colors) const
 Computes colors from color volume. More...

Detailed Description

ColorVolume class.

Anatoly Baskeheev, Itseez Ltd, (mynam.nosp@m.e.my.nosp@m.surna.nosp@m.me@m.nosp@m.ycomp.nosp@m.any..nosp@m.com)

Definition at line 60 of file color_volume.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ ConstPtr

Definition at line 65 of file color_volume.h.

◆ PointType

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◆ Ptr

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ColorVolume()

pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::ColorVolume::ColorVolume ( const TsdfVolume tsdf,
int  max_weight = -1 


[in]tsdftsdf volume to get parameters from
[in]max_weightmax weight for running average. Can be less than 255. Negative means default.

Member Function Documentation

◆ data()

DeviceArray2D<int> pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::ColorVolume::data ( ) const

Returns container with color volume in GPU memory.

◆ fetchColors()

void pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::ColorVolume::fetchColors ( const DeviceArray< PointType > &  cloud,
DeviceArray< RGB > &  colors 
) const

Computes colors from color volume.

[in]cloudPoints for which colors are to be computed.
[out]colorsoutput array for colors

◆ getMaxWeight()

int pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::ColorVolume::getMaxWeight ( ) const

Returns running average length.

◆ reset()

void pcl::gpu::kinfuLS::ColorVolume::reset ( )

Resets color volume to uninitialized state.

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