Point Cloud Library (PCL)  1.14.1-dev
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geometry.h File Reference
#include <Eigen/Core>
#include <pcl/console/print.h>
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Detailed Description

Defines some geometrical functions and utility functions.

Definition in file geometry.h.




template<typename PointT >
float pcl::geometry::distance (const PointT &p1, const PointT &p2)
template<typename PointT >
float pcl::geometry::squaredDistance (const PointT &p1, const PointT &p2)
template<typename PointT , typename NormalT >
void pcl::geometry::project (const PointT &point, const PointT &plane_origin, const NormalT &plane_normal, PointT &projected)
void pcl::geometry::project (const Eigen::Vector3f &point, const Eigen::Vector3f &plane_origin, const Eigen::Vector3f &plane_normal, Eigen::Vector3f &projected)
Eigen::Vector3f pcl::geometry::projectedAsUnitVector (Eigen::Vector3f const &point, Eigen::Vector3f const &plane_origin, Eigen::Vector3f const &plane_normal)
 Given a plane defined by plane_origin and plane_normal, find the unit vector pointing from plane_origin to the projection of point on the plane. More...
Eigen::Vector3f pcl::geometry::randomOrthogonalAxis (Eigen::Vector3f const &axis)
 Define a random unit vector orthogonal to axis. More...