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3 new code sprints from Toyota and Open Perception

Toyota has been a long term supporter of PCL, and pretty much created the concept of code sprints for PCL, with the first PCL code sprint ever: TOCS! This year, we have partnered with our colleagues from Toyota again for a series of 3 new exciting code sprint projects:

  • Primitive shape (cylinders, spheres, cones, etc.) recognition in point cloud data
  • Segmentation/Clustering of objects in cluttered environments
  • 3D feature development and benchmarking

PCL-TOCS(#2) will run for 3 months during the spring of 2013. As always, interested candidates should submit the following information to

  • a brief resume
  • a list of existing PCL contributions (if any)
  • a list of projects (emphasis on open source projects please) that they contributed to in the past

This project requires good C++ programming skills, and knowledge of PCL internals.

First PCL Code Sprint - TOCS - a success !

We are proud to announce that the first ever PCL code sprint has recently ended, with the submission of the final reports.

More details about what they have contributed with during this period, and the final reports can be found on the TOCS developer's blog:

We are now…

PCL-TOCS kickstart!

When we announced PCL-TOCS just a few weeks ago, we had no idea about the amazing level of interest that we would get from the community. After much deliberation, we realized that while we would like to accept more than half of the submissions, we would have to make a decision and select two for this first PCL code sprint. It is therefore our pleasure to announce the official start and the candidates that will be working on TOCS for the next 3 months:


PCL and Toyota Code Sprint 2011

It is our immense pleasure to announce the beginning of a new PCL Code Sprint sponsored by Toyota: PCL-TOCS!

PCL Code Sprints are intended to rapidly advance the capabilities of the Point Cloud Library in a certain area/subject by offering stipends to talented student developers and pairing them with knowledgeable mentors for several months of accelerated software development. These sprints have been inspired by the Google Summer Of Code (GSOC) initiative, and we will be following the same basic model. Projects will run for an initial period of 3 months with the same structure and performance evaluations as the GSOC program, and all of the code produced will be open source.

For this fall's PCL-Toyota Code Sprint, we have identified the following important areas for further development in PCL, and we are therefore searching for outstanding candidates (and mentors) to work on the following projects:

  1. Surface reconstruction and point cloud smoothing

    Accurate surface reconstruction and point cloud smoothing have been demonstrated in specific test environments with minimal clutter and when the object of interest fills most of the field of view. However, additional algorithms are needed when performing surface…

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