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New Ocular Robotics PCL code sprint

Ocular Robotics        Open Perception

Ocular Robotics' range of RobotEye RE0x 3D Scanning LIDAR systems deliver unique capabilities in the ability to direct the attention of the scanned beam to the region of interest of the application at the resolution required by the application down to 0.01 degree increments on a moment by moment basis. Take a mobile robotics application where you may want 3 lines between zero to five degrees about the horizon for obstacle avoidance updated at 5Hz while travelling from one point to the next. When the robot arrives at its destination it may need to paint a wider region in order to interact with an object put 100, 1000, up to a maximum of 3000 lines across an elevation range of -10 degrees to +20 degrees elevation for example to give the point density required for the designated task. In fact RE0x scanners even enable the scanning of user definable rectangular regions anywhere in the 360 degree azimuth by 70 degree elevation range of the RE0x scanners.

Ocular Robotics and Open Perception plan to undertake a Code Sprint aimed at developing a simulator for the RE0x sensors to allow the…

PCL-ORCS - code sprint success!

Ocular Robotics        Open Perception

Pat Marion, an R&D Engineer at Kitware, has concluded his work on the joint Open Perception - Ocular Robotics code sprint.  The goal of the code sprint was to develop a pcl::Grabber driver interface for the  RE0x laser sensors and to develop visualization code capable of real-time display of point cloud data streams acquired by the grabber interface.

The pcl::RobotEyeGrabber is a new C++ class that was added to the pcl io module.  It implements the pcl::Grabber interface and provides access to point cloud data streams sent over the network by RE0x laser sensors.  A point cloud visualization application called RobotEye Viewer was developed using the RobotEyeGrabber and PCLVisualizer.  The application uses the RobotEye C++ API to send control messages to the RobotEye laser sensor and displays real-time point cloud streams acquired using the grabber interface.

The following video demonstrates the RobotEye Viewer application in action using a RE05 laser sensor:



PCL-ORCS kickstart!

Ocular Robotics Open Perception

The joint Open Perception-Ocular Robotics code sprint is ready to start! The sprint will cover an efficient pcl::Grabber driver interface for the RE0x laser sensors, as well as various enhancements to our PCL visualization libraries to be able to handle both larger datasets as well as process data packets coming from these sensors faster. The developer working on the sprint is Pat Marion from Kitware. Pat is already a seasoned PCL coder and has contributed significantly to the iOS and Android port of PCL (see this for more information) and the PCL plugin for ParaView.

We would like to thank all the other candidates for their excellent proposals! We already started following up with each of them individually, as there are many more sprints to come!


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