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Google Summer of Code 2012 ready to begin!

We have used all the 11 slots that Google allocated to our organization, gathering a veritable dream-team of researchers and coders from all over the world:

  • Kripasindhu Sarkar from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur is a senior undergraduate who is going to work on 2D Image Drawing Operators from VTK in PCL, under the supervision of:
    • Marcus Hanwell
    • Pat Marion
  • Yangyan Li, PhD student from the Visual Computing Research Center(VCC), Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology(SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences is tackling a project he proposed himself, called ScanModeler: a Point Cloud based Reconstruction Platform, being helped out by:
    • Stefan Holzer
    • Federico Tombari
  • Changhyun Choi is a graduate student from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and will be developing algorithms for 3D edge extraction from an organized point cloud, mentored by:
    • Alex Trevor
  • Gioia Ballin recently graduated magna cum laude her MSc from University of Padua, Italy, and proposed to work on Additional functionalities and improvements for PCL modules, such as new feature descriptors and increments to the recognition…

PCL - Google Summer of Code 2012

We are very proud to announce that the Point Cloud Library has been accepted for the second time in the Google Summer of Code program. This is a great opportunity to have new people joining the thriving community of open-source 3D perception.

The webpage where you will find our list of ideas We are very flexible with the project ideas, and we are accepting interesting and solid (!!!) project proposals on our official event mailing list: or for more direct communication on IRC:, channel #pcl.

In order to apply, please follow the instruction on the official GSoC website and our custom student application requirements.

GSOC Developers Blog

Our team of PCL developers working on the Google Summer Of Code project decided to start blogging about their experiences while using and developing PCL code. We hope that the information gathered here will be extremely useful for next year's GSOC, or for future generations of students that will try to go through the same steps (from users to contributors/developers).

The image below shows a snippet of the sort of information we expect to find there: results, screenshots, comments, formulas, and most importantly code snippets.

For more information, go to

Google Summer Of Code (GSOC) 2011

Our organization was awarded 11 slots for the Google Summer Of Code (GSOC) 2011. It looks like this summer will be a busy one!

We would like to thank all the GSOC students for their applications. It came as a surprise to us how many talented individuals out there want to work with us! We hope to be able to collaborate with all of you, within but also outside GSOC. This is just the beginning.

The list of approved projects for GSOC 2011 is (from PCL's GSOC page), in no order:

  • Alexandru-Eugen Ichim on Geometric Object Recognition;
  • Andreas Mützel on Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbors (KDTree) on GPU;
  • Gabe O'Leary on Tutorials;
  • Gheorghe Lisca on Point Cloud Registration;
  • Gregory Long on Surface Reconstruction with Textures;
  • Ioan Dumitru Dragan on Real-time Segmentation and Tracking;
  • Khai Tran on Surface Reconstruction with Textures;
  • Nick Vanbaelen on Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbours (KDTree) on GPU/multi-core;
  • Pararth Shah on Point Cloud Registration;
  • Roman Shapovalov on Geometric Object Recognition;
  • Siddharth Choudhary on Fast Search Methods (Octrees) on GPU/multi-core;

PCL accepted for Google Summer Of Code (GSOC) 2011

PCL got accepted as one of the projects for the Google Summer Of Code (GSOC) 2011. Our PCL GSOC web site is available at

The URLs containing the correct information for GSOC 2011 are:

If you're interested to see what PCL can already do, please check out our documentation, and our Youtube channel. More demos coming soon!


Prospective students are encouraged to contact us at, and/or via IRC, or our other communication channels. Please do not e-mail the mentors directly. We hope that with your help, we will make PCL a better product. Thank you!

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