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Presentation at Smart Libraries for Computer Graphics

Federico Tombari and Alex Ichim will be representing PCL at the Smart Libraries for Computer Graphics event organized by the Eurographics Italian Chapter. They will be giving a talk on the PCL modules, with a focus on registration.

Other famous open source libraries will show off their work: EigenVCGLibSpiderGL, g2o, MeshLab

For more information, check out the event website:

PCL Happy New Year!

Happy New Year fellow PCL-ers! We are proud to announce that 1.7 years after our launch as a stand-alone project, we boast impressive stats:

  • more than 100 million hits on our domains
  • more than half a million unique visitors
  • more than 500 contributors and developers

The last year was also marked by the launch of our non-profit foundation: Open Perception. This allows us to make it easy for our developers to get paid for their awesome work in the field of open-source 3D perception. As PCL is gathering more and more attention in the worlds of computer vision, robotics and digital entertainment, we are being flooded with projects and full-fledged job offers for our community. These offers come in three flavors:

  • code sprints - 1 to 6 month paid jobs that you can do from the comfort of your home/school, for which a company sponsors you to work on open-source development for a project of their interest. (Developer blog)
  • actual full-time jobs and internships in companies that are collaborating with PCL/OP and/or using PCL in their products, and would like to hire experts from the community. (Jobs page)
  • invitation-based projects that are not publicly…

PCL 1.6 released!

PCL 1.6

We are very happy to announce that we are releasing the 1.6 version of our favorite library. This release took longer than the usual due to the very busy schedule of the PCL community: code sprints, tutorials at robotics and computer vision conferences, contests, the Open Perception Foundation etc.

Due to the larger time difference to the previous release, the Point Cloud Library 1.6 contains a lot more new features, bug fixes, and awesome tools and apps you can take advantage of in your personal projects. More details on the change list.

As usual, you will find binaries for Windows, Debian&Ubuntu, and Mac OS X on the downloads page. or source code that you can compile for your favorite supported platform.

Thank you for the awesome support you have offered us so far!

Google Summer of Code 2012 ready to begin!

We have used all the 11 slots that Google allocated to our organization, gathering a veritable dream-team of researchers and coders from all over the world:

  • Kripasindhu Sarkar from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur is a senior undergraduate who is going to work on 2D Image Drawing Operators from VTK in PCL, under the supervision of:
    • Marcus Hanwell
    • Pat Marion
  • Yangyan Li, PhD student from the Visual Computing Research Center(VCC), Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology(SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences is tackling a project he proposed himself, called ScanModeler: a Point Cloud based Reconstruction Platform, being helped out by:
    • Stefan Holzer
    • Federico Tombari
  • Changhyun Choi is a graduate student from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and will be developing algorithms for 3D edge extraction from an organized point cloud, mentored by:
    • Alex Trevor
  • Gioia Ballin recently graduated magna cum laude her MSc from University of Padua, Italy, and proposed to work on Additional functionalities and improvements for PCL modules, such as new feature descriptors and increments to the recognition…

First PCL Code Sprint - TOCS - a success !

We are proud to announce that the first ever PCL code sprint has recently ended, with the submission of the final reports.

More details about what they have contributed with during this period, and the final reports can be found on the TOCS developer's blog:

We are now…

PCL - Google Summer of Code 2012

We are very proud to announce that the Point Cloud Library has been accepted for the second time in the Google Summer of Code program. This is a great opportunity to have new people joining the thriving community of open-source 3D perception.

The webpage where you will find our list of ideas We are very flexible with the project ideas, and we are accepting interesting and solid (!!!) project proposals on our official event mailing list: or for more direct communication on IRC:, channel #pcl.

In order to apply, please follow the instruction on the official GSoC website and our custom student application requirements.

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