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Kinect for Windows with PCL

PCL's actual grabber interface provides a smooth and convenient access to different devices and their drivers, file formats and other sources of data. The first driver that was incorporated is the OpenNI Grabber, which makes it a breeze to request data streams from OpenNI compatible cameras. The cameras that have been tested so far are the Primesense Reference Design, Microsoft Kinect for XBox and Asus Xtion Pro.

Microsofts Kinect for Windows was not compatible with PCL yet, because it is driven by the Kinect SDK which is not compatible with OpenNI.


Now there is an Open Source package available containing a dll module which functions as bridge between the Kinect SDK, OpenNI and PCL.

bridge_solution.jpg oni_recording.jpg oni_playback.jpg

Project URL:

This bridge module was developped by Tomoto S. Washio and made compatible to PCL by Michael Dingerkus. For compatibility there is a patch included to install extensions for PCL in terms of handling the Kinect for Windows.

Since the Windows Kinect SDK is a closed-source binary it can't be incorporated in the BSD-licensed PCL distribution. So the extension patch for the PCL can't be applied to the PCL project's remote repository and its official server side forks. Nevertheless it can be applied to local PCL clones.

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