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PCL-ORCS - code sprint success!

Ocular Robotics        Open Perception

Pat Marion, an R&D Engineer at Kitware, has concluded his work on the joint Open Perception - Ocular Robotics code sprint.  The goal of the code sprint was to develop a pcl::Grabber driver interface for the  RE0x laser sensors and to develop visualization code capable of real-time display of point cloud data streams acquired by the grabber interface.

The pcl::RobotEyeGrabber is a new C++ class that was added to the pcl io module.  It implements the pcl::Grabber interface and provides access to point cloud data streams sent over the network by RE0x laser sensors.  A point cloud visualization application called RobotEye Viewer was developed using the RobotEyeGrabber and PCLVisualizer.  The application uses the RobotEye C++ API to send control messages to the RobotEye laser sensor and displays real-time point cloud streams acquired using the grabber interface.

The following video demonstrates the RobotEye Viewer application in action using a RE05 laser sensor:


Additional screenshots and videos are available on the PCL-ORCS development blog:

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