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PCL goes Mobile with VES and Kiwi

The mobile revolution is upon us! Who says mobile platforms are only good for email and Facebook? Why not 3-D perception and scientific visualization? Today's phones and tablets ship with multi-core CPUs, gigabytes of RAM, and more pixels than you can see. If you want to run Point Cloud Library on your iPhone, then who's to stop you? Mobile is here.

The Point Cloud Library community, Willow Garage, NVidia and Kitware are pleased to announce their collaboration to bring point cloud visualization to the mobile domain. You don't have to stop at visualization either; why not run a couple of PCL filters on your device while you're at it? Development sponsored by the NVidia Code Sprint has brought examples of point cloud streaming mobile clients, apps that read PCD files and execute PCL filters, and point cloud visualizations with millions of points.

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The 3-D perception mobile revolution is powered by two of your favorite open-source toolkits, PCL and VTK, in addition to two new libraries, VES and Kiwi. VES is an OpenGL ES 2.0 rendering and visualization library, and Kiwi is an application library that provides all the building blocks you need to build advanced, mobile visualization apps leveraging VTK and PCL. Don't delay; today is the day to get started developing the newest generation of mobile apps with the power of 3-D perception!

Resources for developing with VES and Kiwi, VTK and PCL:

The following videos demonstrates KiwiViewer with the Point Cloud Library (left) and a point cloud streaming mobile client (right):

The following shows a RANSAC plane model segmentation processed and visualized in KiwiViewer for iPad using the Point Cloud Library.

Screenshot of a point cloud segmentation in KiwiViewer

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