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PCL-HRCS kickstart!

PCL-HRCS is ready to start! The two developers that will be working on 3D technologies for driver-assistance systems are:

  • Aitor Aldoma, from Vienna University of Technology, will be working on 3D face orientation. Aitor has been working on techniques for object recognition and 6DOF pose alignment out of point cloud data for PCL in the past, such as CVFH.
  • Alex Trevor, from Georgia Institute of Technology, will be working on non-ground extraction from point cloud data. Alex has developed various real-time segmentation methods for planar components as part of PCL.

We would like to thank all the other candidates for their excellent proposals! We already started following up with each of them individually, as there are many more sprints to come!

[Note: the new blogging page for HRCS will be up within the next few days at]

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