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PCL 1.0.1!

We're thrilled to announce that Point Cloud Library (PCL) version 1.0.1 has been released!

PCL 1.0.1

PCL 1.0.1 is a patch release, API compatible with 1.0. Here's a few of the release highlights:

  • please note that version 1.0.0 had a flaw when creating ASCII pcd files. This version includes the tool pcd_convert_NaN_nan to fix this
  • added VTK file visualization to pcd_viewer
  • hiding the cminpack/FLANN headers, thus reducing compile time for user code
  • fixed IntegralImageNormalEstimation
  • tutorial updates and fixes + new tutorials. Changed tutorial structure to split CPP files from RST text.
  • better doxygen documentation for many functions
  • fixed a bug in ConditionalRemovalFilter where the keep_organized condition was reversed
  • removed BorderDescription and Histogram<2> from the list of explicit template instantiations
  • added PointXY point registration macros
  • added ExtractIndicesSelf unit test
  • fixed a lot of alignment issues on 32bit architectures
  • PCD ascii files now have each individual line trimmed for trailing spaces
  • internal changes for PCDReader/PCDWriter, where NAN data is represented as "nan"
  • sped up compilation with MSVC by adding /MP for multiprocessor builds
  • added a voxel grid command line tool filter
  • issues fixed: #242, #207, #237, #215, #236, #226, #148, #214, #218, #216, #196, #219, #207, #194, #192, #183, #178, #154, #174, #145, #155, #122
  • added support for PathScale pathcc compiler
  • added support for Intel icc C++ compiler
  • added support for GCC 4.6 C++ compiler
  • added preliminary support for Clang C++ compiler
  • FindPCL.cmake and PCLConfig.cmake completed

New to PCL? Visit our downloads page and give it a try. If you're looking for ideas on how to get started, be sure to check out our growing collection of tutorials.

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