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Google Summer Of Code (GSOC) 2011

Our organization was awarded 11 slots for the Google Summer Of Code (GSOC) 2011. It looks like this summer will be a busy one!

We would like to thank all the GSOC students for their applications. It came as a surprise to us how many talented individuals out there want to work with us! We hope to be able to collaborate with all of you, within but also outside GSOC. This is just the beginning.

The list of approved projects for GSOC 2011 is (from PCL's GSOC page), in no order:

  • Alexandru-Eugen Ichim on Geometric Object Recognition;
  • Andreas Mützel on Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbors (KDTree) on GPU;
  • Gabe O'Leary on Tutorials;
  • Gheorghe Lisca on Point Cloud Registration;
  • Gregory Long on Surface Reconstruction with Textures;
  • Ioan Dumitru Dragan on Real-time Segmentation and Tracking;
  • Khai Tran on Surface Reconstruction with Textures;
  • Nick Vanbaelen on Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbours (KDTree) on GPU/multi-core;
  • Pararth Shah on Point Cloud Registration;
  • Roman Shapovalov on Geometric Object Recognition;
  • Siddharth Choudhary on Fast Search Methods (Octrees) on GPU/multi-core;

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