Research Associate in Geomatic Engineering at UCL

Location: University College London, United Kingdom

Hours: Full Time

Salary: £32,375 - £37,057 per annum

Applications are invited for a research associate position in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at UCL. The main role will be to carry out research in the area of feature extraction and classification of large-scale geo-spatial data, typically point clouds. This post is funded by a €8M EU FP7 collaborative project of 12 prestigious European institutions including UCL (

The work carried out at UCL will investigate how geometrical, statistical and combined reasoning can be used to improve the quality of dense 3D maps. The work will entail developing a range of algorithms to identify and classify high-level meaningful structures and features in geo-spatial data. Desirable Knowledge of applicants includes: Knowledge of PCL, Knowledge of machine learning approaches and Experience with cloud-based computing. The position is placed in the Photogrammetry & 3D Imaging group at UCL. It is expected that the post holder will interact very closely with the researchers at the other participating institutions.

Full details are available online at UCL job advert Ref:1326121