Computer Vision Engineer

PCL Community,
Want a full time job working as a computer vision engineer while still getting to work on PCL sprints?
URC Ventures is looking to hire a computer vision engineer with experience in structure from motion, bundle adjustment and multi-view geometry to help build our large-scale 3D scene reconstruction system. Ideally you will have experience in real-time computer vision and GPU optimization of computer vision methods. In addition to developing core algorithms for the company - you will spend a portion of your time time making contributions to PCL sprints. We are comfortable working as a distributed team and welcome team members from around the world.

Here are a few links to give you a sense of our technology:
PCL Code Sprint -
Photo-Realistic 3d Model of the Himalayas -
NASA Tech Brief -
Mt St Helens Release -
SPAR Article -
If interested please send an email to

David Boardman
URC Ventures
Mobile: 404-384-1743
Twitter: @dbboardman