Chief Architect

We are a well-funded, fast-growing start-up that designs and builds computer vision and machine learning-based robots for agriculture as an alternative to herbicides and hand labor. We recently completed a $3M Series A investment with Khosla Ventures, a premier venture capital firm, and have received a grant from the National Science Foundation. Our robotic weeding machine is a radical departure from the traditional approach to weed control that relies on genetically modified crops and herbicides. You will create cutting edge computer vision and machine learning techniques and play a leading role in the application of these techniques to a real-time system to identify and selectively eliminate individual plants.

You will be expected to play many critical research and development roles, and your individual accomplishments will be highly visible throughout the company and to our customers. We are looking for someone who is a world class expert in computer vision and machine learning and is passionate about applying these techniques to a robot out in the field. The position entails broad responsibilities, from refining object detection techniques, to optimizing machine learning algorithms for classification of plants, to camera and sensor selection, to performing field tests of the system, to debugging multi-threaded code for real-time operation.

Our close-knit team works with a casual style, seamlessly transitioning from lively debates to focused technical implementation. New ideas are scribbled on one of the many office whiteboards where they must pass tests from the rest of team. We’re looking for thought partners who will thrive as we push the boundaries of computer vision, robotics and automation.

We provide a high degree of autonomy, and you will have the opportunity to influence the development and implementation of this real-world application. Individual accomplishments will be highly visible throughout the company and to our customers.


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