3D Camera Software Engineer

Location: Carlsbad, CA
Start Date: ASAP
Contractor: TetraVue

Job Description:

TetraVue is an early-stage startup that is developing and commercializing 3D video cameras, resulting in real-time, high resolution 3D imagery and video that capture scene geometry and texture. TetraVue is in the process of commercializing this technology for both industrial and government applications. Once the data is captured, it must be rendered and made available to the operator. TetraVue is seeking exceptional candidates to develop new 3D visualization routines and tools for its camera product.

This work includes understanding the 3D dataflow and creating the elements required to implement this workflow in software/firmware for real-time operation on various hardware platforms. The dataflow includes geometry and texture information as well as camera and/or user pose and developing high-level as well as embedded code to achieve efficient interfaces and high-speed communications. Enhancing the usability of the 3D data and how the user can interact with the data are essential elements of the product development. The ability to thrive and actively participate in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment will be key. This is an opportunity to play a leading role in bringing game-changing new technology to market as the world moves to 3D as well as to be a key participant in building a new company.

Minimum Requirements:

Desired Experience and Characteristics:

Contact: Paul Banks (paul.banks@tetravue.com)